RIMA Accomplishments

RIMA International is constantly striving to develop and grow the reflective insulation, radiant barrier, interior radiation control coating (IRCC) and reflective fabrics industries and be a reliable resource of accurate information.

Some of RIMA-I’s accomplishments include:

  • Partner with ASTM International and their certification team at SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) to manage and help market the association’s Verification Program.
  • Involvement on a national level in code development at ICC and ASHRAE.
  • Establishment of the Advanced Building Code Coalition to work together with other organizations on building codes (www.advancedbuildingcodecoalition.org).
  • Adopting and writing test methods to meet industry needs.
  • Conducting symposiums and workshops at other industry association trade shows.
  • Hosting the International Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Conference (I-RIM Conference), held every two years in various locations around the world.
  • Working with various energy rating software entities to unify how reflectives are calculated in building simulations.
  • Working with Koffel and Associates on code strategies, developments and at hearings.
  • Creation of the Verification Program to verify product testing.
  • Development of a test method for corrosivity of metallized surfaces.
  • Research on how to better test degradation of films.
  • Active participation in:
    – ICC Code Hearings
    – ASTM
    – ASHRAE
    – Building America
    – Energy Star
    – Fraunhofer Project to Update AtticSim
  • Developing new Technical Bulletins on specific industry issues.
  • Participating in Federal Standards formation.
  • Development assistance for the Department of Energy, “Energy Fact Sheet on Radiant Barriers” and the Department of Energy, “Energy Handbook on Reflective Insulation”.
  • Development of an AIA Accredited Course on the industry to educate Architects and Engineers.
  • Participation on RESNET’s Technical Committee on Insulation.
  • Maintaining a presence through RIMA-I’s Facebook page as well as hosting multiple LinkedIn groups and participation in other industry-related groups.
  • Gaining acceptance for sales of reflective insulation and radiant barriers in the state of California.
  • Gaining approval for truss mounted radiant barriers in California.
  • Providing articles and information to several industry trade magazines on a variety of topics.
  • Contribution of data that led to approval of radiant barriers and energy code credits in Florida.
  • Contributing technical papers to various seminars and workshops sponsored by the Department of Energy, ASHRAE, TVA, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, as well as a number of building and insulation industry associations.
  • Participating in national and international conferences offering workshops and educational materials & training.
  • Establishment of a cooperative arrangement with Australia and the UK.
  • Establishment of a ‘the voice’ for the reflective insulation, radiant barrier and IRCC industries.
  • Staying involved in all aspects of the industry and provide information and resources to professionals and consumers alike, to help guide and educate on behalf of the industry.

As always, RIMA-I will continue to be your watchdog for the industry, protecting member interests. A lot has been done, but there is still much to do. Together we can continue to drive the industry forward.

RIMA members have served and continue to serve on many committees that involve Federal, State, Manufacturer organizations/societies such as:

ASTM C16.21 Committee

Provides leadership in the development of industry standards for reflective insulation, radiant barriers and interior radiation control coatings.

RIMA-I members are active participants in the ASTM C-16.21 sub-committee and task groups on Reflective Insulation, Radiant Barriers and Interior Radiation Control Coatings. Their role is vitally important in establishing standards for testing and evaluating materials and installation procedures.

D.O.E. Insulation Committee

Participated in Federal standards formation. Our efforts contributed to the development of an Energy Fact Sheet on Radiant Barriers, and the Energy Handbook on Reflective Insulation, as well as D.O.E. research papers on radiant barriers: Karns, Tenn. houses — Oklahoma field tests on radiant barriers — Ft. Benning field test on radiant barriers.

Calif. Bureau of Home Furnishings Standards Comm.

Contributed to the Reflective Insulation section of the California standards. Gained acceptance for sale of reflective insulation and radiant barriers in the state of California.

California Thermal Conference

Contributed two papers on reflective insulation and radiant barriers.

California Energy Commission

Gained approval for truss mounted radiant barriers.

Florida Power & Light/University of Florida Seminars

Conducted seminar on radiant barriers.

TVA Radiant Barrier Workshops

Provided speakers, served as panel member, and presented papers that furthered work being done by TVA in concert with D.O.E. and Oak Ridge National Labs.

American Institute of Timber Construction Adhoc Committee on Moisture in Wood Roofs

Assisted in development of standard for installation of all types of insulation, including radiant barriers and reflective insulations, in commercial wood truss roofs.

Insulation Contractors Association of America Tech Committee

Served as Technical Panel Member and contributed to the development of Bulletin #18 on reflective insulation and radiant barriers. Participated at the regional level — Atlanta and Orlando Chapters. Wrote ICAA Fact Sheet.

Building Thermal Envelope Coordinating Council

Participated in for a year.

Annual International Conference on Thermal Insulation

Presented a paper on reflective insulation and radiant barriers.

Rural Builders Magazine

Contributed multiple articles for publication in Rural Builder magazine.

Colorado Thermal Insulation Association

Participated here for four years. Contributed to the Reflective Insulation section of the Colorado Thermal Insulation Standards.

Florida Department of Community Affairs

Contributed data that led to approval on radiant barriers.

Metalcon International

Conducted several workshops over the past five years educating on the benefits and uses of reflective insulation, radiant barriers and IRCCs.

National Frame Builders Association / National Frame Builders Conference

RIMA-I members have served on the association Board of Directors as well as various committees over the years.  RIMA-I has presesnted at their annual conference serving as panel members/leaders on round-table discussions, presenting workshops on reflective insulation and radiant barriers as well as exhibiting.

Frame Building News Magazine

As the official publication of the National Frame Builders Association, RIMA-I has submitted articles and advertised in this Association Magazine. Supported local and state associations.


RIMA-I has presented multiple workshops and luncheon sessions at this annual industry conference presented by Metal Construction Association.

ASHRAE – DOE – BTECC Conferences

Contributed to the technical program on “Thermal Performance of the Exterior Envelopes of Buildings I-V”, sponsored by all three groups.

RIMA-I members have contributed to articles that have appeared in many magazines and newsletters such as:  Builders Magazine, Journal of Light Construction, Popular Mechanics, Popular Science, Architecture Magazine, RSI, Energy Design Update, Florida Builder, Contractors Guide, Practical Homeowner, Rural Builder Magazine, Frame Builder Professional, Metal Construction News, Metal Architecture, Construction Specifier, Construction Specifier Canada.

RIMA-I continues to work with many of the organizations, societies, associations, and governmental agencies to gain further acceptance of reflective products and help establish standards that promotes their best use.