About I-RIM Conference

International Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Conference
The focus of the International Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Conference (also known as the I-RIM Conference) is on providing the latest industry research and information on reflective products and their benefits and uses around the world.  This is a technical conference with industry experts and professionals representing all areas of the globe coming together to share with one another, and with all in attendance, the absolute latest advances and information on the reflective products industry.  It’s a fascinating experience to learn how other regions of the world utilize these products, to see the research being done, the code changes and challenges and how they impact your business and the future growth of your business. Guests learn about opportunities and ways to expand their business, better market their product and make them a better competitor in the marketplace with the best information and resources available.  If this sounds like the company you want to be, this international conference is a great step in the right direction

Because this event draws reflective product professionals from around the world, and because this is the event where new uses of reflectives are shared, companies that supply materials to this industry can also benefit.  What better way to get your products in front of top manufacturers and educators than by meeting them face to face?  Others can benefit by attending as well.  Building code officials, energy efficiency entities, architects, engineers, contractors and resellers, the list goes on and on.

There are many aspects to every educational event, so it’s important to do your homework and see if the time and money you invest into participating in an event will give you the return on your investment that you are looking for.  If you have questions regarding the next I-RIM Conference event, e-mail or call RIMA International.