RIMA-I Benefits

What’s In It For Me?

RIMA-I offers manufacturers and marketers of reflective insulation a variety of benefits and works to serve every area of your business.  One of our top priorities is Code Work.  It is crucial for RIMA-I to be present, active and involved in code development and hearings.  A significant amount of our focus is in building codes making sure reflective products are accurately represented and included in the ever-evolving code system.  This is a long-term and ongoing commitment that can only be sustained through member support. Competitors are determined to reduce our market share; and it is RIMA-I’s priority to not only protect but help expand the understanding and presence of reflectives through code work.  RIMA-I recently established the Advanced Building Code Coalition (ABCC – www.advancedbuildingcodecoalition.org) to allow us to team up with other organization on code work as well as provide a member portal for 24-hour access to current and upcoming code activities so members have a constant finger of things that directly impact your business.

RIMA-I also works to Educate architects, engineers, building officials, contractors and consumers alike on the benefits and proper uses of reflectives.  We do this through publishing various materials such as our handbook ‘Understand and Using Reflective Insulation, Radiant Barriers and Interior Radiation Control Coatings”, through our online AIA Course hosted by www.ronblank.com, our Technical Bulletins addressing specific issues and applications, through articles in various industry magazines and publications and through global press releases and written communications.  Members have access to these tools and can utilize all these resources and contacts to help educate those in their area and even on their team to ensure you have reliable information to support and market your business.

In addition to written materials, RIMA-I is a Network of the most knowledgeable people and industry experts in the world.  Having access to this type of knowledge and expertise is invaluable to any business.  We also utilize this network at our International Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Conference (I-RIM Conference) which is held every two years at various locations around the world.  You can learn more about the conference by clicking the ‘I-RIM Conference’ menu option above.

The Verification Program has also been a catalyst for membership for those wanting to set themselves apart from the competition.  Members have the opportunity to apply for verification where RIMA-I utilizes a third-party accredited laboratory to verify test data for each product.  Once approved, a member is assigned a unique logo to that product category and your company which is then added to the RIMA-I website.  A custom logo is also created and provided to the member who can then use it in all their marketing materials and even on their product and company literature showing their product meets ASTM testing requirements for that product.

Another reason members join RIMA International is to have their Voices Heard.  Being part of an organization that is continually working to grow your industry, RIMA-I members rely on one another to bring issues confronting their business to the table so we can work together to overcome them and, in the process, strengthen and grow the industry overall.  We encourage members to attend our bi-annual meetings, which are held in conjunction with the ASTM C-16 Committee meetings (Thermal Insulation), and participate on one or more of our committees, which meet quarterly by conference call, to discuss projects and current issues and keep things progressing ever forward.

Networking and learning from peers is why all our members are very active within the organization.  Social activities are always included at the bi-annual meetings so a great camaraderie is also present within the RIMA-I family of members.

These are just an overview of the many benefits of membership in RIMA International.  We welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular business needs and interests and discuss ways RIMA-I can be of benefit to you.  We are constantly working on behalf of the members to bring credibility and understanding of the reflective insulation, radiant barrier and interior radiation control (IRCC) industries; and we want to work with you.  It is said a cord of three strands is not easily broken; in the same vein an organization with many members can do amazing things together.  We look forward to welcoming you the RIMA International family soon.

Join RIMA-I.