Lightning White Paper

Does a Radiant Barrier Systems in a Roof Increase the Risk of Being Struck by Lightning?

A common question that arises from the use of radiant barrier systems (RBS) is whether there are increased risks associated from lightning activity, such as during thunderstorms.  It has specifically been suggested that the use of radiant barriers in roof structures can ‘attract lightning’ and further, a structure with a radiant barrier system will be more likely to be struck by lightning than an identical structure without it.

In a recently completed white paper, an argument is developed to test this theory.

The Conclusion.

The installation and/or presence of radiant barrier systems (RBS) in the manner described, does not affect the likelihood of lightning striking the structure or object. Similarly, the contents of a structure or house (even services) contained within the envelope of the structure/object will not influence this probability.

We conclude that the hypothesis (‘that the presence or installation of a radiant barrier system (RBS) in the roof of a structure ‘attracts lightning’ or increases the risk of a direct (or nearby) lightning strike to the structure’) is tested and found not to be valid.

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