Alexander Schwartz Award

The Alexander Schwartz Award is a prestigious award presented only when a candidate is deemed to have met the outlined criteria.  The recipient of this award:

  • Made a significant contribution to the reflective products industry, either through technical achievement, leadership, product development, and/or new technology;
  • Motivated industry representatives and advanced the reflective products industry and/or RIMA International and,
  • Contributed to the overall acceptance of reflective products within the building codes and in the overall marketplace.

Additional criteria include:

  • Awarded to a member or non-member
  • Awarded to an individual or company

When a recipient is chosen, the award will be presented to them at the bi-annual International Reflective Insulation Manufacturers (I-RIM) Conference.  A complimentary conference registration and hotel room will be provided.

Anyone interested in nominating a candidate for consideration can do so by completing the Nomination Form.

About Alexander Schwartz

In 1945, Alexander Schwartz, president of Infra Insulation, Inc. out of New York City, commercially produced a radiant barrier reflective insulation product he called INFRA Insulation. It was designed to keep summer heat out and winter heat in a home or building. Architects and builders immediately embraced this solution as a way of building higher energy efficient homes. Infra Insulation, Inc. quickly became the largest producer of reflective foil insulation.

In the 1950’s, INFRA Insulation was introduced to the consumer market as an accordion-fold style product and was touted as easily installed by anyone who could use a staple gun. Newspaper advertisements even depicted women installing the radiant barrier in their own homes. By the early 1960’s, millions of square feet of radiant barrier had been installed in homes and buildings.

Unfortunately, an unfavorable FTC ruling against Infra Insulation Inc., coupled with Schwartz’ untimely death in the early 1960’s put an end to any further expansion. By 1965, his INFRA Insulation radiant barrier product was taken off the market entirely and the business closed.

Award Recipients

Alexander Schwartz AwardDr. David Yarbrough – Presented at the 2018 I-RIM Conference in Puntarenas, Costa Rica

David Yarbrough is President of R&D Services, Inc., a testing and consulting company located in Cookeville, TN. Dave is professor Emeritus of Chemical Engineering at Tennessee Technological University and retired Research Staff Member from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  Dave holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology. As a registered professional engineer in the states of Tennessee and Florida, he authored or co-authored over 200 technical papers or reports. Dave has been active in technical areas dealing with thermal insulation and related building materials for about 25+ years.  We are pleased to recognized David as our first Alexander Schwartz Award recipient.  He goes above and beyond on behalf of this industry and is well deserving of this award.

Bob WadsworthRobert W. Wadsworth – Presented at the 2019 RIMA-I Fall Membership Meeting in Houston, Texas

Mr. Wadsworth was President of Innovative Energy Inc. and engaged in the reflective insulation industry for over 35 years. He has been an active member of RIMA International, was a past president, served on the board of directors and held every executive office position over the years. He conducted a number of seminars in various building industry conferences and trade shows, including several at NFBA and Metalcon.  In addition to reflective insulation product, His company specializes in providing protective packaging solutions for temperature sensitive products during shipment.  Bob passed away in January 2019.  The award was accepted by his son-in-law and new owner of Innovative Energy, Jonathon Hagarbome.