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RIMA Expert Staff asked 4 years ago

I live in Santee CA, which gets very hot in the summer. I was going to do heat block paint but then saw aluminum blinking. What will keep out the most heat and what happens in the winter when it’s 20 degrees out and now the sun is getting blocked from warming the house? What is the issue with condensation and does that apply to an attic in a condo?

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RIMA Expert Staff answered 4 years ago

I’m afraid I’ve never heard “aluminum blinking”. Could you clarify? As to the issue of keeping heat out, that’s the point of reflective insulation products. If you are wanting the sun to warm your condo, they aren’t a good choice.
Your question about condensation is far more complicated and would require lots more information. Generally, if there is adequate ventilation in the attic, condensation should not be an issue. However, it also depends on how much moisture is transferred from the living space to the attic.