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RIMA Expert Staff asked 4 years ago

Can you tell us about American Alternative Energy, LLC out of Barnesville, MN? We signed up for installation of the above on the floor of our attic. The transaction has been very quick and we are quite anxious at this point. The price is 4614.00 and supposedly has government discount with it and no state tax. Thank you for any information.

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RIMA Expert Staff answered 4 years ago

This all appears very suspicious to me. I am not aware of any government program to assist homeowners on the purchase of radiant barriers for their attics. As to the state sales tax, I am not familiar with MN tax laws but suggest you contact the state officials for an answer on that.
Generally radiant barriers do not perform as well in the Northern climates as they do in the South. Energy savings expectations for the Northern regions should never be based on the performances demonstrated in the Southern parts of the country. I don’t know the size of your home/attic, or the side of your energy bills so I can’t judge what the ROI on your radiant barrier investment is, but my experience would suggest that it would be pretty far in the future.
I note your concern and suggest that if you think you have been taken advantage of you might consider contacting the MN States Attorney General and the FTC, Federal Trade Commission.